Kid and Nancy post recipes here, many of them vegetarian, some of them vegan. Nancy and her husband Jim own Amber Waves Natural Foods in Falmouth, MA.

Nancy says:

My dad was an adventurous foodie, my mom a traditional Yankee cook. In the ’50s, in central rural Massachusetts, they were experimenting with Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Indian foods. Dad had a hi-fi store near Worcester Tech, and hired young students to fix amplifiers and tuners. These young men came from all over the world, Dad invited them to dinner, and when they had visited a few times, they started cooking for us. They brought ingredients from their own homelands, and later Dad went on tireless searches for pappadums, masa, and orzo when they left. Of course, Julia Child was an institution, and we drove to Maynard many times to sample French cuisine at the only French restaurant for miles.

When I went to college in Boston, I lived with 4 roommates, and designed menus, shopped for, and cooked dinner for all of us 5 nites a week. Lots of pasta, potatoes, and frozen veggies.

In my thirties, the food and wine buzz was in full swing, and my husband and I gave many dinner parties, with several courses and wines to match.

Now we eat more simply, and take advantage of seasonal produce, good grains, and regional offerings. I love to cook, the infinite possibilities are exciting and challenging, and the outcome is always delicious. Practice makes perfect, and I’m still practicing.