I had a wonderful dinner at The Glass Onion last month, and the dessert I chose was a tender biscuit spread with lemon curd, topped with fresh blueberries, cooked blueberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. Everything was made from scratch. However, it is remarkably simple to make this in a “semi-homemade” fashion, without losing too much quality. I substituted whipped cream for the ice cream, as it was what I had on hand – Cabot’s, in a can, biscuits from Roche Bros., and a small jar of lemon curd off the shelves of Shaw’s.

Blueberry Shortcakes with Lemon Curd
serves 4

2 shortbread biscuits, split in 1/2 and lightly toasted
2 pints fresh blueberries
2 T sugar
4 T lemon curd
whipped cream or ice cream

Pick through 1 pint of blueberries, destemming and discarding any super soft ones. Put them in a small saucepan with the 2 T sugar and a teaspoon of water, and heat over medium low heat until berries pop and sauce thickens a little.

Lightly toast the split biscuits, put them on their serving plates, and spread each with about 1 T lemon curd. Scatter 1/4 of the fresh blueberries over each biscuit, using the entire pint. Spoon 1/4 of the warm sauce over each, and top with whipped cream or ice cream.