or TLTs.

We made lots and lots of these at our deli in the early 90’s, they are a wonderful vegan approximation of a BLT. Try to find plain tempeh, it’s much easier to slice than the vegetable one. Yours may come in a square shape, in which case you can make 3 strips rather than squares. You just want them to be thin enough to become brown and crispy in the oven. You may substitute a bottled dressing for the balsamic marinade, Asian or Italian are both good, but not as good. They smell terrific as they’re baking!

P.S. Tempeh is an Indonesian cultured soy product. It is inoculated with a white mold spore that binds the soybeans together into an easily sliced, vegetable burger-like, mild tasting vehicle made for marinating.


1 8 oz pkg of plain tempeh
2 large cloves garlic, minced
1 T balsamic vinegar
3 T vegetable oil, canola or grapeseed or other light oil
1/4 t salt
tomatoes, lettuce, mayo (Veganaise or Nayonaise if you’re vegan) and bread for the sandwiches

Set your oven to 400.

Cut your tempeh into thirds. Then carefully slice each piece into 3 thin slabs. I usually cut the first slice on edge, then fillet the second slice flat on the board.

Chop the garlic, and put it in a small shallow plate or bowl. Add the vinegar, oil and salt. Mix a little with a fork. Lay each piece of tempeh in the marinade, turn it over, and lay it on a parchment-covered sheet pan or cookie sheet, preferably one with sides so the oil doesn’t run off into your oven. Spoon the leftover marinade onto each piece, utilizing all the garlic. Into the oven it goes. Check the tempeh at 15 mins. to see if they’re brown, our slow oven takes 20. Your cooking part of this recipe is done.

Slice up the tomato, clean some lettuce, slather the bread with mayo, and layer up the ingredients. This will make 2 very generous sandwiches, or 4 adequate halves.