We have some ideas for your Thanksgiving spread, whether you’re hosting half the town or merely diving into whatever delicious things you usually eat on Thursdays.

butternut ginger soup. It’s vegan, free from almost anything anyone could be allergic to, and not nearly as ascetic as all these benefits make it sound. Perfect starter, obviously, but also a good bet if you’re bringing something to a potluck anytime between now and March.
dry fried green beans. Skip the Chinese accoutrements and sprinkle the beans with crispy shallots. When the beans are done cooking, take them out to drain and toss one shallot, finely sliced, into the pan with the hot oil. Stir it around (no salt) until it’s crispy, then toss with the beans. If you’re making more than two pounds of beans, use two pans and another shallot.
ginger cranberry sauce. Think about what a turkey sandwich will taste with this as its condiment. Surprise, toothsome and crunchy bits of ginger!