I took this picture last winter while I was home for Christmas. More greens got involved at the salad at some point, I think? Along with poached salmon. In any case, I chose it for the header because when I asked my mom what we should cook this Christmas (this is a conversation I launch pretty frequently), she mentioned this salad immediately. I couldn’t quite remember it at the time, so it seemed fortuitous when I found it hanging out in one of my photo folders. If I can find the recipe we based it on, I’ll post it. [ETA: see comments for link to original recipe, plus measurements for my vinaigrette.] Otherwise:

Sliver up a bulb of fennel. Toss it with an orange that you’ve supremed and a bunch of mint. Make a dressing of shallots, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Poach the salmon, flake it into the salad, and toss the mixture with enough dressing to coat. From the picture I found, it looks like you should serve the salad on a bed of boston lettuce.

It’s impressive without the salmon, too.